Our Little Sister Alexis

Birthday: April 16th;
Day of the Week: Monday's child is fair of face;
Sun Sign: Aries (The Ram), just like my Pop-Pop.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upcoming Event!

is coming to the Tower Theatre 
69th & Market Streets in Upper Darby, PA
Friday, October 7th, 2011 - 3:00pm and 6:00pm
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Congratulations to The Booga Wooga!

"Reach For The Stars"
Pre-K Class of 2011 Bridging Ceremony

Well, I really know that I'm a big boy now! Today, I finished the Pre-K program at the center I've been attending for almost 2 years and my last official day there will be this coming Friday! Me and my family celebrated all that I've learned and will take with me as I begin a new journey at a new school in September when I move on to kindergarten. I will miss all of my teachers and friends at the center and I really enjoyed the time I spent there. After the ceremony was over, my family took me out bowling. Here are some of the pics that Mommy took of my very special day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Puzzlebuilder Report

I did it! Today, I finished my first puzzle and raised $ 200.00 for autism research and Autism Speaks! Now I'm working on my second puzzle and my little sister Sophia is helping me this time! Just click on the Puzzlebuilder tab at the top of this blog to see the new puzzle and make a donation. Thank you! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My First Big Boy Bike!

Yesterday, Mommy took us to a store called Target and we both got nice surprises. I got a brand new bike with a bell and a horn for the handlebars. She even let me pick out my own helmet! My little sister got a Mickey Mouse ? and she picked it out all by herself. After we got home, Daddy put my new bike together and we all went outside so I could ride on it. Now, my little sister can use the tricycle and we can ride our bikes together! While Daddy helped my little sister learn how to peddle the tricycle, Mommy was on the camera taking pics. I love my new bike and my little sister really likes the tricyle. Here are the pics that Mommy took while we were outside...

Thank you Mommy and Daddy! We love you! :) :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Annual SBC Cookout

What a great way to beat the heat on a hot summer day! This past Saturday, we went on a bus trip with the Sharon Baptist Church family to Clementon Lake Park & Splash World in Clementon, NJ. There was plenty of cold stuff to drink and good food to eat, things to bounce and ride on, and water to splash around in for the day. There was a "Victorian Railway" train there too and we liked it so much, we rode on it twice! Here are a few pics that Grammy took while we were there and you can click on the collages for a larger view...


April is Autism Awareness Month - World Autism Day is April 2nd!

Google Custom Search Engine That's Safe For Kids

Let's all work together toward an end to this problem!

Making friends is easy, being a good friend takes practice.

Did you know there are 7 days in a week? Can you name them?

Do you know which day of the week you were born?

Did you know there are 12 months in a year? Can you name them?

Reading is Fun & Fundamental!

Thomas & Friends and The Booga Wooga
made tracks to great destinations from 2007-2012!


Trains & Characters: Annie, Clarabel, Arthur, Barrel Car, Bertie The Bus, Bill, Ben, Cargo Car, Chinese Dragon, Cement Mixer, Circus Animals & Trains (3), Construction Cars (2), Conveyor Belt Car, Cranky the Crane, Daisy, Diesel, Diesel 10, Donald*, Douglas*, Duke*, Dumper Car, Edward, Emily*, Express Coaches (2), Fearless Freddie, Giggling Troublesome Trucks (2), Gordon*, Harold The Helicopter, Harvey, Henry*, Iron 'Arry, Iron Bert, James*, Mavis, Murdoch*, Sodor Line Musical Caboose, Oil Car, Old Slow Coach, Percy, Peter Sam, Recycling Bins, Recycling Car, Rheneas, Rock Crusher, Rusty, Salty, Sir Handel, Sir Topham Hatt, Sir Topham Hatt's Car, Skarloey, Spencer*, Thomas The Tank Engine, and Toby. (* Engine w/ Tender)

Buildings & Other Stuff: Deluxe Over-Track Signal, Down Trees Track, Glenn Nock Switch Track, Hatt St. Deluxe Railroad Crossing, Mountain Crossing, Round-About Action Turntable, Roundhouse, Rumblin' Bridge, Sodor Blocks Building & Destinations Set, Sodor Cargo Drop, Sodor Engine Wash, Sodor Haunted Mine, Sodor Oil Depot, Sodor Postal Station, Toby's Windmill, Useful Engine Shed, Water Tower, and Wellsworth Station.

Tracks & Accessories: 8" Ascending Tracks (4), 2.5" Ascending Track Risers (4), 4" Curved Road Tracks (4), 3.5" Curved Tracks (16), 6.5" Curved Tracks (10), 3.5" Single Curved Switch Track (6), 2" Straight Tracks (9), 3" Straight Tracks (4), 4" Straight Tracks (6), 6" Straight Tracks (14), 8" Straight Tracks (8), 2" Track Adapters (2), and 14" Wacky Tracks (6).


Trackmaster Sets: Morgan's Mine Railway and Spin 'N Fix. Trains & Characters: Thomas The Tank Engine (2) and Cargo Car.

Take-N-Play Sets: Knapford Station, Percy's Mail Delivery, Colin at the Wharf, and Tidmouth Tunnel. Trains & Characters: Annie, Bertie The Bus, Charlie (2), Clarabelle, Dash, Diesel, Diesel Fuel Car, Elizabeth, Mighty Mac, Percy (2), Rheneas, Salty, Sir Handel, Sodor Fuel Company, Thomas The Tank Engine (2), Toby, Troublesome Truck, and Whiff. Tracks & Accessories: Bridge Fold-Out Tracks (2) Flexi-Tracks (88), Straight & Curved Tracks (22), S-Curves (3), and Signs/Signals (6).

Mega Bloks Sets: Thomas At The Sodar Fair, Thomas & Diesel Busy Day At The Quarry, Cranky & Salty At The Docks, Thomas At The Coal Station, Emily On The Go, Toby Hard At Work, and Thomas At The Logging Camp. Train Characters: Cranky The Crane, Diesel, Emily*, Gordon*, Harold The Helicopter, Henry*, James*, Percy, Salty, Spencer*, Thomas The Tank Engine (4), and Toby. (* Engine w/ Tender)

Drawing, games, puzzles, and alphabet-number magnets.


Siblings are the people we practice on. They teach us about
caring, cooperation, fairness, and kindness the hard way!


Lord Jesus, You were never too busy to pay attention to children, for You dearly loved them. We are happy that you love us and that You have time to listen to our prayers and to answer them. We thank You that You have made us Your own. As we get bigger and stronger every day, help us to grow stronger in our faith too. Bless our parents, whom You have given to us, and help us to respect and obey them, to love and treasure them. Forgive us when we disobey them or when we fail to respect them as Your previous gifts to us. Give them the wisdom to train us in the good and right way. Bless our home and every member of our family with a strong faith in You and true love to one another. Teach us to be kind, unselfish, helpful, cheerful, forgiving, and faithful in our duties. Help us to be like You, Lord Jesus, to grow in wisdom and character and in favor with God and all people. Send Your angels to watch over us, to keep us from all harm of body and soul. Bless us, and make us a blessing to our family and friends. Amen.

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